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The dig quiz
Let\'s dig deep
BYAamna Ahmad3 hours ago
Finding Ohana quiz
Let\'s find it
BYAamna Ahmad4 hours ago
The white tiger quiz
Into the Indian cinema for a change
BYAamna Ahmad4 hours ago
Beyblade Burst Turbo Anime Quiz Netflix Original
Shu Kurenai. Shu is Valt\'s best friend, and he is considered to be a Beyblade prodigy, being one of the four finalists from the last National Tournament.
BYvivek4 hours ago
Black Butler Anime Quiz Netflix Original
Black Butler is really quite harmless. There is very little content that would even be challenging for a twelve-year old
BYvivek5 hours ago
BLAME! Anime Quiz Netflix Original
Are you trapped in paralyzing self-blame cycle? Do you hold yourself accountable for things you obviously don\'t control? This short quiz will calculate your
BYvivek5 hours ago
Blazing Transfer Students Anime Quiz Netflix Original
Blazing Transfer Students isn\'t just another anime-inspired show. .but the show threatens to test even the more extreme limits.
BYvivek5 hours ago
Bleach Anime Quiz Netflix Original
Bleach is one of the most popular shonen. Even though the anime ended 7 years ago, it still has a lot of fans. Find out how well you remember the plot
BYvivek5 hours ago