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QuizzCreator is providing the best and free software to create your own quizzes as per your interest. Here you can create two types of quizzes:

  1. Each Question has One correct Answer
  2. Each Question has some Weightage (Assign a weight to each question)

How to Login on the QuizzCreator website

Currently, you can only login using your Facebook account.

You can click on the Login/Signup button (on the top in the right-hand side of the website) as shown in the above mention image also. Once you click on it, it will lead you to the Facebook login page. Just log in and allow access. Now you will be logged in to the QuizzCreator website. From the dashboard, you can see your all created quizzes.

How to Create a Quiz

Here you need to enter the Title of the Quiz, some Description as per your Quiz Topic and then the Quiz type. In Quiz type there are two options:

  1. Each Question has One correct Answer - In this, you can create multiple-choice question answers quiz. One question will have multiple options and one answer.
  2. Each Question has some Weightage (Assign a weight to each question) - In this, you need to assign some weight to each option and based on the final calculation in the result section you need to put the answers to each percentage of results.

How to Enter the details in the Result section

Here you can put the data like if someone is scoring below 25% then it will be below average score. In between 25%-50% it will be an average score, 51%-75% Good score and More than 75% Excellent score or You Know Everything.

Important Points

  1. Before publishing the Quiz kindly save it as Draft.
  2. Minimum dimensions of Images should be 600 x 325.
  3. Always use the proper Tags for better traffic on your quiz.

QuizzCreator provides you the best facility to create the free quizzes online. It is one of the best Free Quiz Maker.