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Best Iron Man Movie Quizzes 2021 | Top Iron Man Movie Quizzes 2021

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Iron Man 3 Movie Quiz
Everybody\'s beloved Iron Man is suffering from severe trauma after the New York battle, he is sleeplessly producing armours with various abilities and currently working on his new armour which response to his nervous system. Amidst all this, humanity is facing a new threat, a terrorist going by the name Mandarin who attacks Tony\'s home in order to kill him but he survives and ends up in a distant rural area. He makes his way to the Mandarin and reveals his true identity and finds that it was all Killian\'s doing and his objective was to kill the president and take revenge from Tony. Tony protects the president while ending Killian in a struggling battle and saves the day.
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Iron Man 2 Movie Quiz
Billionaire superhero Iron Man is suffering from blood toxicity which is being caused by the arc reactor in his chest the very thing which is keeping him alive, meanwhile, a man named Ivan recreates Tony\'s arc reactor and uses its powers to take revenge from Tony. Tony manages to cure himself of the toxin by creating a whole new element and along with his best friend James Rhodes defeats Ivan and stops his evil plan from taking place. Test your memory and take the quiz to know how much you remember about Marvel\'s most loved billionaire superhero.
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Iron Man Movie Quiz
Spoiled billionaire boy \'Tony Stark\'s life turns upside down when he is kidnapped by a group of terrorists and forced to produce weapons for them, using weapons produced by his own company as raw materials. He gets away from them, shuts down weapon productions and suits up as a vigilante superhero called Iron Man to fight the bad guys and protect the world. If you are a fan of Iron Man take the quiz to know how much actually know about the billionaire Superhero.
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