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Leah ashe quiz
Do you know leh ashe? lets find out!
BYJESHANE1 month ago
How well ya know me
BYMelody1 year ago
How well do you Know Zaida Gaming?
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BYZaidaYT1 year ago
would draco malfoy date ? you
BYsherlynne gonzaga1 year ago
work and energy !
Actually after the introduction of force in physics world, the curiosity for its application was on its peak and the concept of work made it finalized the actual use of this concept .This is one of the most important concept of the human life. Which just change the way of thinking. work is done on an object when you transfer energy to that object. If one object transfers energy to a second object, then the first object does work on the second object.. So lets play this quiz and try to increase the knowledge.
BYAtif1 year ago
How much you know your blood?
Blood is one of the most important part of a human body. It helps in transferring essential products to the different body organs. like oxygen to blood,waste materials to kidney and also help in fighting different diseases with the help of WBC and RBC. it helps in proper functioning of heart and inter relate different organs of the body with each other. So let's check your knowledge about this essential part of the human body.
BYAtif1 year ago