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your roblox quiz 2021
Do you know roblox that well then test ur self with this quiz to see ur self in action
BYurprettysxn6 months ago
First among Indian!
India is a country which is the best example of unity in diversity. India is know for for its tradition, ancient culture also for its film industries. India gives many legend to the world and these legends start walking on the path to make India Great. After getting independence on August 15 1947 india have to walk alone for its future and today indians proved their abilities, by how they are making their country's progress. But it's all started by someone in different fields. Here in this quiz let's check how well do you know those indian Who first took the initiatives by Playing this interesting quiz..
BYAtif6 months ago
How well do you know about your fundamental rights?
Every citizen is free to move, to eat, to speak, to express its opinions, to criticise the wrong in their country. So do you guys ever think how a citizen have access to all these? Here the term comes in action called fundamental rights, through these fundamental rights only a citizen can do all the above activities. Different countries have various rights in their fundamental list. Here we are talking about the fundamental rights provided by the Indian constitution to its citizens. These fRs are available in the IIIRd part of the constitution.
BYAtif6 months ago