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Structural biology – a branch of molecular biology Quiz
Structural biology is a branch of molecular biology, biochemistry, and biophysics concerned with the molecular structure of biological macromolecules (especially proteins, made up of amino acids, RNA or DNA, made up of nucleotides, and membranes, made up of lipids)
BYNashra Waqar1 month ago
Pharmacology - The study of the interaction between drugs & organisms | Quiz test
Pharmacology is the study of how a drug affects a biological system and how the body responds to the drug. The discipline encompasses the sources, chemical properties, biological effects and therapeutic uses of drugs.
BYNashra Waqar1 month ago
Immunology - The study of the immune system | Quiz test
The immune system is our shield against diseases and various infectious organisms that try to invade our body. It\'s a host defense system which is built of many biological structures. So, here in this quiz, you shall face more than forty basic to advance multiple-choice questions of the same that will determine how good your knowledge is of the topic. So, let\'s get started!
BYNashra Waqar1 month ago
Genomics - The Study of Genomes | Quiz test
Genomics is the study of whole genomes of organisms, and incorporates elements from genetics. Genomics uses a combination of recombinant DNA, DNA sequencing methods, and bioinformatics to sequence, assemble, and analyse the structure and function of genomes.
BYNashra Waqar1 month ago
Genetics - The study of genes and heredity | Quiz Test
The study of genetics has helped greatly in the medical field to either explain the chances of traits or illnesses being passed from parents to their offspring. If you have just learnt the basics of this study, this quiz is for you.
BYNashra Waqar1 month ago
Evolutionary biology - The study of the origin | Quiz test
This is the Biological Evolution MCQ Quiz! There are different theories put in place to explain evolution. With the transfer of genes between populations new traits are bound to be observed by researchers which in some cases involves species adapting to new environments.
BYNashra Waqar1 month ago
Ecology - The study of the interactions of living organisms| Quiz test
This is an ecology exam practice quiz. Ecology is a branch of biology which is involved in the study of the relationship between various organisms and their physical surroundings. Now, let\'s see how much you understand this definition.
BYNashra Waqar1 month ago
Biotechnology - Quiz test, Mock test
Biotechnology is technology that utilizes biological systems, living organisms or parts of this to develop or create different products. Have you taken a course? Test what you know. Take this quiz!!!
BYNashra Waqar2 months ago
How much you know cell cycle?
We study lot of biology in our school and we all are well informed about the term cell. So let's move to recall it again. Cell cycle is a process in which the cell grows completely by passing through different stages. After the division of cell a complete new cell form and known as a daughter cell. So if you are student then it will go for you at a next level of experience. Take this challenge and compete with you own. Let's playyy!
BYAtif8 months ago
am i have a boy or girl quiz
It is so hard to wait until halfway through your pregnancy to find out the gender of your baby. All you want to do is shop for things, decorate a nursery, and plan for your little one's arrival. Luckily, nowadays there are ways to find out for certain if you are having a little prince or a little princess. Lets check...
BYIndu1 year ago