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Am I A Gamer? Quiz How much are you in real Gaming | Types of Gamer Test

Am I A Gamer? Quiz How much are you in real Gaming | Types of Gamer Test

How much of an addict are you!! How much are you in Gaming? Your games love quiz, check your love for games. This quiz is about gaming, Here you will find the answer of the questions Am i a gamer?. So all questions are related to gaming If you are a gamer then you will definately enjoy the quiz and will curious to know How much of gaming in me? So play this trivia for fun and find out your gaming percentage.

Am I A Gamer Quiz

A gamer is a person who plays video games or other interactive games as a hobby or for leisure.

Signs of a Gamer: How Do I Know am I a real Gamer

  1. Spending a lot of time playing games.
  2. Talking about games frequently.
  3. Owning multiple gaming devices.
  4. Keeping up with the latest gaming news and releases.
  5. Participating in gaming communities or tournaments.
  6. Displaying game-related merchandise.
  7. Possessing a vast collection of games.
  1. Time Dedication: Gamers often spend a significant amount of time playing games, often neglecting other responsibilities or interests.

  2. Gaming Conversation: Gamers often talk about games, share their experiences, and discuss their favorite games with others.

  3. Multiple Gaming Devices: Gamers may have several gaming devices, such as consoles, computers, or mobile devices, to play games on.

  4. Awareness of Gaming Trends: Gamers stay up-to-date on the latest gaming news, releases, and trends. They may also follow their favorite game developers and publishers.

  5. Gaming Communities: Gamers may participate in online gaming communities or forums, play with friends, or compete in gaming tournaments.

  6. Game-related Merchandise: Gamers may display their love for their favorite games by collecting merchandise such as t-shirts, posters, or action figures.

  7. Large Game Collection: Gamers may have a vast collection of games, including both physical and digital copies, spanning multiple genres and platforms.

Types of a Gamer

There are several types of gamers, including:

  1. Casual Gamer: enjoys playing simple, easy-to-learn games in short bursts.

  2. Hardcore Gamer: dedicates a lot of time and energy to playing games and is highly skilled.

  3. Competitive Gamer: enjoys playing games with a competitive edge, participating in tournaments, and striving to be the best.

  4. Retro Gamer: focuses on playing older games from past generations of gaming systems.

  5. Mobile Gamer: primarily plays games on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

  6. PC Gamer: primarily plays games on a personal computer.

  7. Console Gamer: primarily plays games on a gaming console such as a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo.

  8. Role-Playing Gamer: enjoys playing games that allow them to immerse themselves in a character and a story.

  9. Simulation Gamer: enjoys playing games that simulate real-life scenarios, such as city-building or flight simulation games.

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You May Get Result Of Am I A Gamer? Quiz How much are you in real Gaming | Types of Gamer Test

I am 25% Gamer
I am 50% Gamer
I am 75% Gamer
I am 100% Gamer

Quiz Questions And Answers

How old are you?

Above 10
Above 15
Above 20
Above 30

Specify your gender?


How often do you play on your system?

Once a day
Twice a day
All the time, if it's not my system it's my phone
Not often

What game system do you have?

An Xbox
A gamecube
A PlayStation

Are your parents constantly complaining?

Yes all the time
Not much
They don't bother

What genre of games do you play?


Do you choose friends on the basis of the games they have?

Oh no that's lame
Haha yess( evil grin)

Your game system is broke, what will you do?

Get it repaired ASAP
I'll die

What would you prefer?


Do you become fussy often, when playing?

Yaaahhh!!! That's me

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Am I A Gamer? Quiz How much are you in real Gaming | Types of Gamer Test : Test Trivia

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