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Which Sacred Games character are you?

Which Sacred Games character are you?

Quiz out to know you favorite character!!

All right Netflix lovers and followers here is one unique quiz you will love, and enjoy some new fun facts about the latest and most awesome show called 'Sacred Games.' Also, you can see which character you are. And if you are one of those people who have never heard of it, then you are probably living under a rock and need to get out and explore the Internet a little bit more. This 8-section crude series, coordinated by two ace executives of Bollywood - Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, including an outstanding cast and a story that handles the complexities of life, has held the whole country.

In light of Vikram Chandra's 2006 spine-chiller novel of a similar name, Sacred Games recounts to the account of a famous wrongdoing world, which is finished with brutality and simultaneously has profound essentialness. And the characters are amazing! We have Ganesh Gaitonde, a notorious crime lord who has been missing for 16 years and he is more than just a drug lord, I can honestly say his character has more dimension in it. We have a Sardar cop that is honest, but he knows every thing that goes around him. Aside from the main heroes, Sacred Games makes them intrigue characters that will catch your eye immediately. Constable Katekar (Jitendra Joshi), Cuckoo (Kubra Sait) and Bunty (Jatin Sarna) are among the most splendidly outlined characters in the arrangement and the entertainers playing them have done total equity to these roles. So let's find out which character you are!

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You May Get Result Of Which Sacred Games character are you?

Your dynamic and changing nature is sure for your choice of the character!!
Keeping in view your sharp and cunning nature you're sure to have loved this character!!
With your level of honesty and dedication you're sure to fall under his sleeve!!
Your notoriously nature and selection of choice points you to this incredible character!!

Quiz Questions And Answers

How many times have you travelled alone?

Many times
Can't remember

Is your current town your hometown?

I travel back and forth
I can't live in my hometown

If you caught a person stealing, what would you do?

Call the police
Confront him myself
It's his business

How do you friends perceive you?

Ordinary human
Ordinary human with exceptionally brilliant ideas

Is your family happy with what you do?

I don't work
I don't care

How many friends do you have?

More than 5
A bunch
Can't count
I've many friends but I don't trust any

What would you do on your birthday?

Talk to a friend
Do nothing
Throw a party
Go out and do what my heart pleases

Have you ever landed yourself in legal trouble?

It was a nightmare
It gave me memory of a lifetime

Who do you idealize?

Mahatma Gandhi
Nelson Mandela
Warren Buffet

Where would you rather eat?

On a rooftop
On the Beach

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Which Sacred Games character are you? : Test Trivia

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