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Quiz: What Type Of Internet User Are You?

Quiz: What Type Of Internet User Are You?

Which one describes you the best, find out? What type of Internet user are you? Around 67 percent of internet users in India are male. Do you know what type of internet user you are, and how to protect your privacy ... You are always conscious about your online friends and their activities for you. Top twenty Internet countries in the world, comparison internet penetration and population statistics with the world. We spend a crazy amount of time on the net. What type of internet user are you?

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Quiz Questions And Answers

A phone
A laptop
A computer
All of the above
An hour
4 hours
Many many many hours
A big one
I can't live without it
Not a chance
1000 bucks
2000 bucks
100 bucks
Surfing net
Reading books
Don't remember

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Quiz: What Type Of Internet User Are You? : Test Trivia

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