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Be Smart and Stay Free of Tobacco Addiction!

Be Smart and Stay Free of Tobacco Addiction!

Check your knowledge about Tobacco use and how harmful it is for your health! Answer a few questions to try to add your name to the draw.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Smoking can help to stay slim
Smokers can quit anytime
Smoking “Light” cigarettes is less harmful
Nicotine is highly addictive
Alcohol use
Illegal drug use
Car accidents
All of the above
Chemicals used in wood varnish
Chemicals found in nail polish remover
Chemicals found in rat poison
All of the above
One in twenty
One in ten
One in two
There are no effect on mortality
Smoking is likely to increase overall stress levels
Smokers get more wrinkles than non-smokers
Most youth try smoking
The benefits of quitting start the day you stop smoking

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Be Smart and Stay Free of Tobacco Addiction! : Test Trivia

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