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Which Christmas role are you?

Which Christmas role are you?

Which Christmas role are you? Which one exactly?? Which Christmas role are you? Everybody loves to play any role on Christmas, This is the best season for everyone. Everyone want to enjoy the Christmas, I am sharing below some Christmas roles.
1. Father Christmas 2. Elf (Or Santa’s Little Helper) 3. Mrs. Claus 4. Reindeer Walker 5. Turkey Plucker 6. Ice Rink Hand-Holder 7. Mince Pie Maker 8. Harrods Window Dresser 9. Christmas Tree Decorator 10. Christmas Present Wrapper According to us this is best role to enjoy Santa Clause Obviously! Shopping centres and malls the world over feature grottos throughout the holiday period, giving children a chance to have an exclusive meet and greet with the big man.

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Which Christmas role are you? : Test Trivia

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