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Matthew Mercer Quiz | Bio, Birthday, Info, Height Family

Matthew Mercer Quiz | Bio, Birthday, Info, Height Family

Matthew Mercer Quiz How well do you know about Matthew Mercer Quiz? Bio, Birthday, Info, Height Answer these questions and find out.

About Matthew Mercer Quiz 

Matthew Mercer is a voice actor, director, and writer who has gained widespread popularity for his work in the anime and video game industries. He is best known for his roles as Levi in Attack on Titan, Kanji Tatsumi in Persona 4, and McCree in Overwatch, but he has also lent his voice to numerous other characters in various anime, video games, and cartoons.

Early Life

Born in 1982 in Florida, Mercer developed an interest in acting at a young age and began participating in school plays and community theater. He later attended Florida State University, where he studied theater and pursued a career in acting. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to further his acting career and quickly gained recognition for his voice acting skills.

One of Mercer's earliest notable voice acting roles was as the character of Kanji Tatsumi in the popular video game Persona 4. This role helped to establish him as a prominent voice actor in the industry, and he has since gone on to voice many other popular characters in anime and video games.

Matthew Mercer Career

In addition to his work as a voice actor, Mercer is also an accomplished director and writer. He has directed several anime series, including One Punch Man and Attack on Titan, and has written scripts for various anime and video games. He is known for his ability to bring complex and nuanced characters to life, and his work has been praised for its attention to detail and authenticity.

Aside from his work in the entertainment industry, Mercer is also an avid gamer and streams his gameplay on Twitch. He has a large following on the platform and is known for his energetic and entertaining personality. He also hosts a popular podcast called "Critical Role," where he and a group of fellow voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons together.

Mercer's talent and passion for acting have earned him a large and dedicated fan base, and he has received numerous awards and accolades for his work. He has been nominated for multiple awards for his role as Levi in Attack on Titan, and his performance as McCree in Overwatch has earned him widespread critical acclaim.

In addition to his successful career in voice acting, Mercer is also a philanthropist and actively works to support various charitable organizations. He has participated in several charity events and has raised thousands of dollars for causes such as mental health awareness and animal welfare.

Despite his busy schedule, Mercer makes an effort to stay connected with his fans and frequently interacts with them on social media. He is known for his friendly and approachable personality, and his willingness to engage with his fans has helped to further endear him to them.

Matthew Mercer is an incredibly talented and versatile voice actor who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. His work as a voice actor, director, and writer has earned him widespread recognition and praise, and his dedication to his craft and charitable efforts make him a role model for aspiring actors and fans alike.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Matthew Mercer was born in...


Matthew Mercer is from...

New Jersey
Palm Beach Gardens

Matthew Mercer birth sign is...


Matthew Mercer began voicing the character Bigfoot on the Cartoon Network series Wabbit in...


Matthew Mercer married ... Marisha Ray

tv actor
voice actor

Matthew Mercer married in October ...


Matthew Mercer moved to...

Los Angeles

Matthew Mercer served as director and producer of the webseries ...

There Will Be Brawl
There Will Be War
There Will Be No Thing

Matthew Mercer birth date is...

May 3
June 29
April 3

Matthew Mercer is a...

Voice Actor

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