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Transcription: an overview of DNA transcription

Transcription: an overview of DNA transcription

Biology-transcription And Translation Quiz Test

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Transcription and then Translation
Translation and then Transcription
Transcription and then Ionization
A really cool way of rewriting RNA
The atom that carries information to an RNA template
A short lived RNA molecule that carries encoded information, transcribed from DNA.
3'---->5' direction
5'---->3' direction
5'---->5' direction
A piece of clothing that is placed upon the bipedal legs of human.
A chromosome carrier
A section of DNA that codes for a protein or RNA molecule.
A word that teacher use to confuse the noodles out of people
The synthesis of RNA from a DNA template
The synthesis of proteins from information on a mRNA
Seals the hydrogen bonds between the 2 strands of DNA
Breaks the hydrogen bonds between the 2 strand of DNA
Seals the nicks in the sugar-phosphate bonds of one of the new DNA strands
Consider what questions are asked
Consider what methods are used
Consider what conclusions are made.

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Transcription: an overview of DNA transcription : Test Trivia

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