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How spiritual are you? Quiz | Spiritual Level Quiz

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How spiritual are you? Quiz |   Spiritual Level Quiz
How spiritual are you? spiritual Level Quiz By taking this quiz you'll come to know where you stand in your path to enlightenment. How spiritual are you?
Under 18
60 and above
Haven't discovered yet
I don't know
I don't have time
Yes , I take out time always
I don't pray
I don't
It's a futile things since my resources are limited
I do even if I don't have much
I'll when I'm rich
Self restraint
I believe in all three
Ye maybe someday
Not as of now
I've been eagerly waiting for that
What's that
Ofcourse, that's my life goal
No I'm happy already
It sound too dramatic
I do, mainly the teachings of gurus and saints
I don't, I go with the flow
I haven't given it much thought
I'll one day

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