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Are You More Like Paris Hilton Or Nicole Richie?

Are You More Like Paris Hilton Or Nicole Richie?

Are You More Like Paris Hilton Or Nicole Richie? Quiz, Check out the quiz and find. As the title says it all about this quiz. Who does not know about these sensations of B town? Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. These tow starlets ran the very successful show in the early 2000s. Both of them grew up together in Hollywood and starred in a TV Show. The Simple Life, from 2003 to 2007. This show lasted for 5 seasons. Both starlets have kind of different life style and way of living. Hilton being the richest model in the industry having a net worth of almost $300 million, had many successful ventures including the modeling. Her autobiography, own lifestyle brand etc. while Nicole Richie was mainly famous for her friendship with Paris and being a main character of the show Simple life. However, the rift between two of them started in 2005 and they stopped talking to each other. It was rumored that Paris Hilton was trying to replace Nicole Richie with Kimberly Stewart. Another speculation was this that Nicole showed Paris Hilton’s famous sex tape at a party. However these news were never confirmed by any of them. At that time, the fan following of both stars have spiked to its peak and everyone was hoping that this will continue forever. But as it says, all good things must come to an end. Up till now, no one really have a single actual clue of what happened between these two friends. So what do you think of yourself more. Are you more like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie? Find out by this quiz by answering it properly. Have fun!

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You are Nicole
You are Nicole
You are Paris
You are Paris

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PARIS HILTON Favorite Food‎:


PARIS HILTON Favorite Drink

Soft drink

Paris Hilton Height

1.73 m
1.74 m
1.75 m

Paris Hilton Partner

Chris zing
Chris Zylka
James Zylka

Nicole Richie Height

1.55 m
1.56 m
1.57 m

Nicole Richie Birthday

21 September 1981
21 September 1980
21 September 1979

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You Like People

I'd say I am more like Paris yes.
Answer By: Megan
Answer On: 08-Apr-2020

Are You More Like Paris Hilton Or Nicole Richie? : Test Trivia

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