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Are you Angel or Devil (Demon)? Quiz

Are you Angel or Devil (Demon)? Quiz

Know your inner self Are you Angel or Devil? quiz for fun. Angel quiz, Devil quiz. do you want to check angel or devil, compare for angel and devil.

Am I Angel or Devil Quiz Test

Do you have a pleasant personality or you are rude? Are you innocent or naughty? Well, for this type of questions you just need to try this quiz. Because playing this game quiz is a great fun. As you can see the quiz title- are you angel or devil? Sometime I think about our character, nature. We exist, we breathe, we eat, we sleep, and the cycle of our life goes on. These are the normal things we do in everyday life. Nothing is bad here. But as it goes on how do we interact with people? How do we occupy around the society? We compare ourselves to others and think we are better. But the question is how better we are? At the end of the day if we will think about our activities we will see the evil things we did. We are always hungry for more. We become competitive everywhere. Some time we don’t judge. We don’t compromise, don’t even sacrifice. If we did we could find that purity before we go to sleep. What is that so called love today? I will give you all, we will be happy. We do things for our loved ones and never look behind who we hurt. Whose life we make harder. We need to be positive to the people, society to have an angel mind. In religious view, the devil was once an angel. It means naturally we have that pure soul in us just needs to nurture it. Well, time to jump on the quizzes.

Who are Angel 

An angel is a supernatural being often depicted as a messenger of God in various religions. In Christianity, angels are believed to be celestial beings created by God to serve and worship Him. They are often depicted with wings and are said to possess great power and knowledge. Angels are also a popular subject in art, literature, and popular culture.

Who are Devil Demon

The devil is a supernatural being commonly associated with evil and sin. In many cultures and religions, the devil is portrayed as a tempter and adversary of humanity, who tries to lead people away from God and goodness. The devil is often depicted as a horned, red-skinned creature with a tail and is frequently associated with fire and hell. In Christianity, the devil is known as Satan and is believed to have been an angel who fell from grace and rebelled against God. The devil is a widely recognized symbol of evil and is the central figure in many religious and cultural beliefs about evil, temptation, and sin.

How Do I Know Am I Angel or Devil (Demon)? Test

Sings of Angel Person

An angelic person can have several characteristics such as:

  1. Kindness: They are known for their compassionate and generous nature.

  2. Humility: They possess a humble attitude and often put others before themselves.

  3. Selflessness: They are willing to sacrifice their own well-being for the benefit of others.

  4. Patience: They have a great deal of patience and understanding.

  5. Forgiveness: They have the ability to forgive easily and move on from conflicts.

  6. Wisdom: They are known for their sound judgment and good advice.

  7. Inner peace: They radiate a sense of peace and calm.

  8. Faith: They have strong faith and believe in a higher power.

  9. Positivity: They have a positive outlook on life and bring hope to those around them.

These are some of the commonly attributed characteristics of an angelic person, but they can vary based on cultural and personal beliefs.

Signs of a Devil (Demon)

A person who is considered "devilish" can display certain behaviors or traits, such as:

  1. Dishonesty: They are known for being untruthful and deceitful.

  2. Manipulation: They use others for their own gain and can be controlling.

  3. Cruelty: They enjoy causing harm or suffering to others.

  4. Arrogance: They have a high opinion of themselves and can be condescending to others.

  5. Envy: They feel jealousy and resentment towards those who have what they want.

  6. Greed: They have an excessive desire for wealth, power, or possessions.

  7. Anger: They have a quick temper and can be prone to outbursts of rage.

  8. Impulsiveness: They act without thinking and can make impulsive decisions that harm others.

  9. Lack of empathy: They have difficulty understanding or caring about the feelings of others.

It's important to note that not everyone who displays these traits is inherently evil or "devilish." People can change and display different behaviors in different situations.

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You May Get Result Of Are you Angel or Devil (Demon)? Quiz

You're no devil, you just like all the simplicity and are happy that way
A random devilish trait here and there but you're more on the angelic side!!
You're on your way to total evil. A devil in the making.
OMG!! You're a total evil demon!!

Quiz Questions And Answers

Which is your favorite color? [are you an angel or devil quiz]

Pink, purple, red
All dark colors especially black
I am colorblind

Are you a sadistic? [are you an angel or devil quiz]

Of course not
Yes, I like to see people in distress
I don't think so

What type of movies do you like? [are you an angel or devil quiz]

Nothing specific

Do your friends and family like you? [are you an angel or devil quiz]

They like me, but I don't
They stay away from me
Ofcourse they love me
They don't know me well

What type of friends do you have? [are you an angel or devil quiz]

Funny like me
Whoever I can eat with
Mad Rebels
Don't have friends

What is your idea of fun? [are you an angel or devil quiz]

A movie
A sleepover at a friends place
Chaos and destruction

What's your pathway? [are you an angel or devil quiz]


What do you consider yourself? [are you an angel or devil quiz]

Silent angel
Dark demon
Just a powerless Human

If you could win 1 million dollars by killing a baby, what would you do? [are you an angel or devil quiz]

I'll never consider doing that
I'll shoot the baby right away
Who would give me a million dollars
This is absurd

What do people think of you? [are you an angel or devil quiz]

An innocent person
Nobody knows me
It doesn't bother me
A dangerous evil person

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Are you Angel or Devil (Demon)? Quiz : Test Trivia

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