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Evolutionary biology – the study of the origin quiz

Evolutionary biology – the study of the origin quiz

Evolutionary biology – the study of the origin quiz test

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which of these is NOT one of the three requirements for evolution to occur?

More organisms are born than can survive
All organisms are exactly the same as other organisms of their species
There is variation of inherited traits amongst organisms

Which is the only theory of creation which science can allow itself to investigate?

Theory of chemical evolution
Creator (God)

What do scientists study to better understand previous life on earth?

Geological studies
Theory of god
Skin color of ancient creatures

What defines a species?

Reproduction- a species is a group of organisms who can all mate with each other and produce fertile offspring
Evolutionary ancestors- if two organisms came from the same ancestor, they are the same species
Organisms that have similar bone structure

What determines an organism's fitness?

How physically strong it is
How much it changes to fit its environment within its life
How well it can survive within its environment

Who developed the theory of evolution?

Carl Linnaeus
Charles Darwin

Farmers forcing woollier sheep to mate is an example of:

Natural selection
Genetic modification
Artificial Selection

What is the correct sequence of historic events? Hint: look at the geological time clock

First oxygen appears on earth, first eukaryotic life appears, vertabrates appear, amphibians appear
Multicellular organisms appear, then first eukaryotic life, then amphibians, then reptiles
Reptiles, mammals, dinosaurs become extinct, primates appear

The earth is 4.6 billion years old


Bacteria are always bad for you


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Evolutionary biology – the study of the origin quiz : Test Trivia

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