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What is Conservation Biology?

What is Conservation Biology?

Conservation biology – the study of the preservation Quiz Test

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Tasks involving dichotic listening are tasks in which:

Two different visual stimuli are presented
Two different auditory messages are presented, one to each ear
Participants must identify subthreshold sounds

A key difference between incidental and intentional learning is the degree to which information is distributed


The idea of a “cognitive budget” is used several times in this chapter. Which of the following statements is NOT true of the “cognitive budget”?

One can only perform multiple tasks if the sum of the tasks’ demands do not exceed the budget.
The budget can increase through practice
Tasks may require fewer resources through practice.

Which of the following is NOT an attribute of working memory (sometimes called short-term memory)?

Unlimited storage capacity
Drawn on by a wide range of tasks
Easily accessible

Because of the effects of state-dependent learning, students might find it wise to:

Use mnemonic devices as a study aid
Study only when they are entirely sober
Focus on their instructor’s intended meaning rather than on the instructor’s exact words
Prepare for their examinations under conditions similar to the test conditions

Early estimates of working-memory’s capacity relied on the so-called digit-span task. The data indicate working memory’s capacity to be:

10 to 14 items
2 or 3 items
Around 7 items

The helper that stores visual materials is called the:

Visuospatial buffer
Rehearsal loop
Visuo-central executive

Data indicate that, all things equal, recall performance will be BEST if materials are encoded with _____ processing.


Learning that occurs not as a result of a purposeful attempt but as a by-product of performing a task is intentional learning.


Patients with damage to the pulvinar tend to have difficulties engaging attention


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What is Conservation Biology? : Test Trivia

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