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Bioinformatics Quiz

Bioinformatics Quiz

Bioinformatics Quiz Test Bioinformatics Quiz for fun and knowledge so enjoy this

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Can you please tell us Bark is mainly ____.

periderm and cork
cork and wood
periderm and phloem

Do you Know In many plant species, older roots and stems thicken by activity at ____.

apical meristems
cork cambium
vascular cambium
both b and c

Can you please tell us Tree rings occur when ____.

there are droughts during the time rings form
environmental conditions influence xylem cell size
heartwood alternates with sapwood

Do you Know Which of the following cell types are alive in the mature tissue? Choose all that apply.

collenchyma cells
vessel members

Can you please tell us In phloem, organic compounds flow through ____.

collenchyma cells
sieve tubes

Do you Know ____ conducts water and mineral through a plant, and ____ conducts sugars.

Phloem; xylem
Cambium; phloem
Xylem; phloem

Can you please tell us Mesophyll consists of ____.

waxes and cutin
lignified cell walls
photosynthetic cells

Your answer for Roots and shoots lengthen through activity at ____.

apical meristems
lateral meristems
vascular cambium

Can you please tell us Xylem and phloem are ____ tissues.


Your answer for What computer program helps identify an unknown protein sequence and/or an unknown DNA sequence? BLAST

Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
Phloem; xylem
lateral meristems

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Bioinformatics Quiz : Test Trivia

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