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Biogeography Quiz

Biogeography Quiz

Biogeography Quiz Test Biogeography Quiz for fun and knowledge Can you tell us the answer for

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Because vegetarians don't drive alot.
Because less people are needed to eat plants.
Because more people can be fed with the same amount of energy.
Wind and temperature
Sunlight and availability of water
Wind and availability of water
energy is lost according to the first law of thermodynamics
you move further away from the autotrophs
all of the above
the government
its location
its role in the ecosystem
its role in the ecosystem and its location
deep tap roots
extensive near-surface root systems
all the above
First Law of Thermodynamics
Second Law of Thermodynamics
The Adiabatic Law
depends on the amount of water held in the soil
cools the plant
depends on the humidity of the air
All of the above

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Biogeography Quiz : Test Trivia

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