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Anatomy – the study of organisms structures Quiz

Anatomy – the study of organisms structures Quiz

Anatomy – the study of organisms structures Quiz Test, Please tell your answer for this quiz for fun and knowledge.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Cells, tissues, organelles, organs, systems
Tissues, cells, organs, organelles, systems
Organs, organelles, systems, cells, tissues
Organelles, cells, tissues, organs, systems
Ability of human beings to keep body weight within normal limits
Maintenance of a constant external temperature inside a room
Ingestion of enough food to keep hunger pains from developing
Tendency of the body to maintain a stable environment
It controls the amount of heat produced Its a source of energy
Its a source of energy
It is used to release energy that is stored in food
Visceral pleura
Parietal pleura
Visceral pericardium
Frontal section
Transverse section
Coronal section
Sagittal section
The face is forward
The arms are at the sides
The palms are facing backward

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Anatomy – the study of organisms structures Quiz : Test Trivia

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