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USA 1919 - 1941 Quiz

USA 1919 - 1941 Quiz

USA 1919 - 1941 Quiz Test

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What effect did the Bolshevik Revolution have on the American people?

Americans celebrated the successful Russian revolution.
The American public became fearful that communism and anarchism could take hold in America.
Americans were much more eager to welcome Russian immigrants into the country with open arms.

What was the overwhelming public reaction to the steelworker strike and others like it that were occurring across America in 1919?

Most Americans supported the laborers and their demands of higher wages and a shorter workday.
Most Americans disapproved of the strikes strictly because of their negative impacts on the American economy.
Most Americans viewed the strikes as fomenters of communism.

Which of the following best describes the actions taken by Marcus Garvey in the 1920s to help combat a growing racial unrest in the United States?

Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association to help build pride and unity in the African American communi
Garvey advocated for an African American militia to rise up against corruption and unfair treatment.
Garvey fought to integrate African Americans into predominantly white communities and institutions.

Which of the following best describes the Warren G. Harding presidency?

Harding and his cabinet were very successful at rebuilding the nation's trust in American government.
Harding demonstrated tremendous political, economic, and strategic skill throughout his two terms in office.
Harding and his administration were marked by numerous examples of scandal and cronyism.

What was the significance of the Five-Power Treaty signed by America, Japan, Britain, France, and Italy in 1922?

The treaty set the stage for World War II.
The treaty was the largest international trade deal that had ever been negotiated to date.
The treaty was the first international disarmament agreement of the modern era.

What was the primary weakness of the Kellogg-Briand Pact which would eventually be signed by 62 nations?

There was no way to enforce the pact's ban on warfare.
Popular support for the pact quickly dried up and it would be universally revoked.
The wording of the pact left its aims open to conflicting interpretations depending upon its translation.

How did the increased availability of electricity affect American industry in the 1920s?

Electricity was not widely available in America until well into the 1930s and thus it had little impact on American indu
Electricity was more expensive than steam power which meant factories that used electricity had slimmer profit margins.
Electricity was less expensive than steam power which meant products became cheaper to produce and purchase.

Which of the following is the best example demonstrating the growth of the American consumer economy in the 1920s?

Electricity became widely available in American homes.
Demand grew for new devices like refrigerators, radios, and vacuum cleaners and they became more commonplace in American
Americans participated in anti-communist rallies in growing numbers.

What impact did the automobile have on the American economy?

Automakers employed millions of Americans throughout the 1920s.
Increased automobile ownership created growth in car-related industries and road-side businesses.
all of the above

What did the Nineteenth Amendment add to the United States Constitution?

It guaranteed African Americans the right to vote and hold public office.
It guaranteed women the right to vote to vote and hold public office.
It made the production, sale and consumption of alcohol illegal.

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