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USA 1850 - 1880 Quiz

USA 1850 - 1880 Quiz

USA 1850 - 1880 Quiz Test

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To bring the Confederate states back under the laws and control of the United States
To wipe out the Confederacy and destroy the southern states
To abolish slavery throughout the United States
To rejoin the United States
To take control of the federal government of the United States
To remain an independent country where slavery was permitted
Confederate artillery fired on the United States’ fort. These were the first shots of the Civil War.
Union artillery fired on the Confederate fort. These were the first shots of the Civil War.
The British attack on the Confederate fort signified that Great Britain would support the Union in the Civil War.
Abraham Lincoln
Jefferson Davis
Robert E. Lee
The Confederacy only needed to defend its own territory, which is easier than invading an enemy's territory.
The Confederacy had successfully enlisted the majority of the slave population to fight in its army.
The Confederacy had the largest naval force in the Western Hemisphere.
They thought the conflict would be a long, drawn-out affair
They thought the conflict would be over in a matter of months
They thought the North would win a quick victory
It confirmed that the Civil War would conclude quickly.
It confirmed the superiority of the Union forces.
It set the tone for a longer and bloodier conflict than either side had envisioned.

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USA 1850 - 1880 Quiz : Test Trivia

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