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Social Change: Employment 1945 to 1979 Quiz

Social Change: Employment 1945 to 1979 Quiz Test

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The Federal Reserve Bank
The Joint Economic Committee of Congress
The President of the United States
Thirteenth Amendment
Emancipation Proclamation
Cessation of War Powers
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Source will be specifically identified
Story's subject will not be specifically identified
Theodore Roosevelt to assert a U.S. right to intervene in Latin America to preserve law and order.
Woodrow Wilson to support Great Britain against German aggression.
Franklin Roosevelt to extend U.S. influence in the Pacific.
Nigeria and Kenya
Senegal and Ghana
Liberia, Ethiopia, and South Africa
Try to ignore a problem and hope it will go away
Work in a very noisy environment that makes it hard to concentrate
Believe they are incapable of dealing with a situation
Anecdotes and jargon
Reasons and evidence
Slippery slope arguments and circular reasoning
Cannot be sent into combat without prior congressional approval
Must be withdrawn from combat within 90 days unless Congress approves their deployment
Can only be sent into combat by order of the president in a national emergency
They see their work as a valued goal in is own right
They believe that they will receive a reward separate from what the work itself provides
They see their work as a valued goal in its own right and believe they will be well paid

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Social Change: Employment 1945 to 1979 Quiz : Test Trivia

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