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Scotland's History Quiz

Scotland's History Quiz

Scotland's History Quiz Test

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What cities are the biggest ones in Scotland?

Edinburgh and Aberdeen
Edinburgh and Glasgow
Paisley and Aberdeen

What are the official languages in Scotland?

English and Scottish
English and Gaelic
English, Gaelic and Scots

A famous actor comes from Scotland, who?

Brad Pitt
Robert Pattinson
Gerard Butler

Roughly, how many golf courses does Scotland have?


What is the name of the war, which took place from 1314-1328

Battle of Falkirk
Battle of Stirling Brigde
Battle of Bannockburn

Which countries participated in the battle of Bannockburn?

England and Scotland
England and Denmark
Scotland and Australia

What was the battle og Bannockburn about?

USA's independence
England's independence
Scotland's independence

Who were Anne Stuart parents?

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh
The Duke and Duchess of York
The king and queen of England

Which prince did Anne Stuart (1665-1714) marry?

Prince William of France
Prince George of Denmark
Prince Charles of England

The Gaelic for wiskey is "Uisge Beatha". What does it mean?

Vitamin water
Love drink
Water of life

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Scotland's History Quiz : Test Trivia

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