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How much you know about this bizarre series Disjointed?

10 questions to prove..!!!!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Aaron Moten
Tone Bell
Dougie Baldwin
Chris Redd
February 3,2017
March 11,2017
April 21,2017
August 25, 2017
Santiago Bou
Simón Wilches Castro
Patricio Plaza
Mathieu Labaye
"Weed of Fortune"
"4/20 Fantasy"
"Helium Dream"
"Buds Light"
"Eve's Bush"
"Rutherford B. Haze"
"Omega Strain"
"Erschreckendglückseligkeit OG"
Comedy Drama
Crime Drama

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How much you know about this bizarre series Disjointed? : Test Trivia

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