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Are you a true fan of Dear White People?

Are you a true fan of Dear White People?

Answer simple 10 questions if you know well about Dear White People. Many people wait for the summer, to go on a vacation, some students just enjoy not going to school, and some people like me wait for the summer and wait for the new seasons of their favorite TV Shows. I know that there are a lot of people who relate to this as much as I do. So I am most excited for next month because season three from "Dear White People" will be out? Are you excited too? I knew you would be, that's why we made this fantastic quiz for you. If you are a true fan as I am, then this quiz will be perfect for you. At a prevalently white Ivy League school, a group of black students explores different types of racial and different sorts of discrimination. 'Dear White People' isn't about white people. The show, Netflix's adjustment of Justin Simien's 2014 widely praised film of a similar name, is somehow or another both a continuation of the source material and an extreme flight. The first film's sarcastic depiction of race relations and dark character at the anecdotal Ivy League school Winchester University pursued a gathering of dark understudies, driven by Samantha White (Tessa Thompson), and a growing effort against the transcendently white cleverness magazine Pastiche that comes full circle in a blackface party and little time race revolt. If you enjoy the show, then you will enjoy this quiz even more. Enough bragging, let's see how much you know about this show!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

How many seasons have premiered till 2018 of Dear White People?


When was the show Dear White People was premiered first?


Genre of the show Dear White People?

Comedy Drama
Crime Drama

How many episodes Dear White People has in its first season?


What is the name of the Episode 8 Season 1?

"The Trip"
"Chapter IX"
"Chapter VIII"
"Garbage Person"

What is the name of the Episode 2 Season 2?

"Chapter VI"
"Thank You, San Francisco"
"Chapter II"

Who directed the episode "Chapter IX" in Volume 2?

John Riggi
Justin Simien
Janicza Bravo
Steven Tsuchida

Who directed the episode "Chapter VII" in Volume 1?

Tina Mabry
Barry Jenkins
Nisha Ganatra
Steven Tsuchida

What is the original release date of Dear White People?

February 3,2017
March 11,2017
April 28,2017
November 17,2017

Who played the role of Gabe Mitchell?

Brandon P. Bell
DeRon Horton
John Patrick Amedori
Antoinette Robertson

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Are you a true fan of Dear White People? : Test Trivia

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