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International relations 1900 - 1939 Quiz

International relations 1900 - 1939 Quiz

International relations 1900 - 1939 Quiz Test

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Quiz Questions And Answers

East Asia
The Pacific Coast of North America
the "cult of the offensive"
hegemonic war
trench warfare
the Soviet Union was invaded by Germany
Germany was attacked from the east only
Japan sent most of its troops to fight in Europe, which contributed to its losses in Asia
the US
the Soviet Union
all of the answers are correct
were crises that led to WWI
were crises during the Cold War
were crises that occurred during the era of DZtenete
MNCs(Multinational Corporations)
NGOs(NonGovernmental Organizations)
IGOs(InterGovernmenal Organizations)

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International relations 1900 - 1939 Quiz : Test Trivia

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