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Industry 1700 - 1900 Quiz

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Industry 1700 - 1900 Quiz
Industry 1700 - 1900 Quiz Test
The industrial revolution set social and political changes into motion.
The industrial revolution created a rise in productivity.
None of the above.
East Asia has more natural resources.
There is cheaper labor in Asian countries.
Asian workers are typically very skilled.
Often, the products needed don't arrive "just in time," they arrive late.
Just-in-time delivery is an example of Fordist production.
If a company runs out of stock, they have no inventory left to stock the store.
Wheat and other grains
Ships and naval supplies
A place where you can transfer goods from one mode of transport to another.
A situation factor that indicates whether an industry should be closer to the market or to the raw materials.
The place in the world with the cheapest labor where industries are moving to.

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