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Are you a shopaholic? Quiz | Shopaholic Quiz Test

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Are you a shopaholic? Quiz | Shopaholic Quiz Test
Are you a shopaholic? Quiz | Shopaholic Quiz Test Do you love shopping, here's your quiz Are you a shopaholic? best Are you a shopaholic? quiz for fun play quiz and enjoy
When required
Whenever I get a chance
I hate shopping
Of course not
Definitely yes
That's stupid
I live for it
Not a big fan
It's waste of time
Well occasional
I don't know much
I know them by heart
Haven't noticed
Not all of them
Not at all
That's the only thing
They won't
Not much
They don't like my shopping skills
Yaa plenty of open space
Not an inch of space Open
Pretty much
Don't know
Hahah, you caught me
No, that's not me
Didn't cross my mind
I don't know

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