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Are you a shopaholic? Quiz | Shopaholic Quiz Test

Are you a shopaholic? Quiz | Shopaholic Quiz Test

Are you a shopaholic? Quiz | Shopaholic Quiz Test Do you love shopping, here's your quiz Are you a shopaholic? best Are you a shopaholic? quiz for fun play quiz and enjoy

If you are a shopaholic person, then you should play this quiz, This quiz let you know the status of your shopping, What kind of shopaholic person are you, Are you more in clothing, Are you more in other stuff, Because some people go and purchase the some bakery items those are also count as shopaholic.

This shopaholic test can help you determine if your shopping tendencies serve emotional, rather than practical needs. Some people are addicted to shopping and can't control their urge to spend. Take this test to find out if you are one of them,
Spending too much time at the mall? Your closet is more packed than the subway at rush hour?

If you ask yourself then you will get the answer about shopaholic is no, I am not shopaholic. So play this quiz to find the exact answer about you. Your answer is biased to you.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

How often do you go shopping ? [Are you a shopaholic? Quiz]

When required
Whenever I get a chance
I hate shopping

Do you buy a same dress in different colors? [Are you a shopaholic? Quiz]

Of course not
Definitely yes
That's stupid

How many pairs of shoes do you own? [Are you a shopaholic? Quiz]

More than that

Do you eagerly wait for the season collection [Are you a shopaholic? Quiz]

I live for it
Not a big fan
It's waste of time
Well occasional

How well do you know the outlets in your city? [Are you a shopaholic? Quiz]

I don't know much
I know them by heart
Haven't noticed
Not all of them

Does shopping alter your mood? [Are you a shopaholic? Quiz]

Not at all
That's the only thing

Do your friends insist you to go shopping with them? [Are you a shopaholic? Quiz]

They won't
Not much
They don't like my shopping skills

Do you have enough room for new clothes? [Are you a shopaholic? Quiz]

Yaa plenty of open space
Not an inch of space Open
Pretty much
Don't know

Are you planning your next shopping trip right now? [Are you a shopaholic? Quiz]

Hahah, you caught me
No, that's not me
Didn't cross my mind
I don't know

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Are you a shopaholic? Quiz | Shopaholic Quiz Test : Test Trivia

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