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Iron Fist Quiz | How much you know bizarre series Iron Fist? Test

Iron Fist Quiz | How much you know bizarre series Iron Fist? Test

Answer these 10 questions, Iron Fist Quiz, How much you know bizarre series Iron Fist? Test. Story of the series is around - When Danny Rand was 10-years old, he survived a mysterious plane crash that claimed the lives of his extremely wealthy parents. Rescued by warrior monks, Danny grew up in the of city of K'un-Lun, where he endured harsh conditions, but also trained to be a fierce warrior.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

"War Without End"
"Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance"
"The Dragon Dies at Dawn"
"Target: Iron Fist"
"Under Leaf Pluck Lotus"
"Immortal Emerges from Cave"
"Felling Tree with Roots"
"The Blessing of Many Fractures"
Toa Fraser
Mairzee Almas
Rachel Talalay
Julian Holmes
April 10,2017
March 17,2017
June 18,2017
September 30,2017
Comedy Drama
Deborah Chow
Peter Hoar
Jet Wilkinson
Kevin Tancharoen
Jessica Henwick
Finn Jones
Tom Pelphrey
Sacha Dhawan

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Iron Fist Quiz | How much you know bizarre series Iron Fist? Test : Test Trivia

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