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Vietnam War Era Quiz

Vietnam War Era Quiz

Vietnam War Era Quiz Test

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What was the goal of President Kennedy’s flexible response plan?

to provide America with a way to communicate quickly and effectively with the American people in case of an emergency
to ensure the American military was prepared to engage in guerilla warfare style conflicts
to give local law enforcement officials the right to assess situations and enact a wider range of responses

Which of the following best describes the results of the Bay of Pigs Invasion?

American forces successfully infiltrated Cuba and assassinated communist leader Fidel Castro.
American forces successfully invaded Cuba but were unable to assassinate communist leader Fidel Castro.
The mission was a failure and the American-trained troops were all either killed or captured.

What was the purpose of the Berlin Wall?

to prevent open travel and communication between East and West Berlin
to prevent open travel and communication between North and South Berlin
to make it difficult for Soviet forces to enter the city of Berlin

How did President Kennedy respond to the Cuban Missile Crisis?

He threatened to retaliate with nuclear weapons if the Soviets used a nuclear weapon anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.
He ordered a naval blockade of all Cuban ports.
All of the above.

What American foreign policy ultimately led America to be involved in the conflict between North and South Vietnam?

the domino theory
the Monroe Doctrine

Which of the following was a major challenge faced by American ground troops fighting in Vietnam?

Differentiating between South Vietnamese allies and the North Vietnamese enemy.
Maneuvering through sense swamps and jungles.
All of the above.

What incident served as pretext for United States to enter the conflict

Marco Polo Bridge incident
Gulf of Tonkin incident
Bombing of the American embassy in Saigon

In South Vietnam, American forces were fighting

The Taliban
The Mujahedin

For United States, the measure of their success in the conflict was

Body count
Enemy soldiers captured
Territory acquired

American overall commander in Vietnam

General McArthur
General Westmoreland
General Colin Powell

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Vietnam War Era Quiz : Test Trivia

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