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Great Depression Quiz

Great Depression Quiz

Great Depression Quiz Test

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International companies were buying up all of the stock in American companies.
Investors had been buying stocks on margin rather than paying for stock purchases in full.
Investors had been leveraging their investments through the use of option contracts.
Rural Americans were finally becoming prosperous after struggling through the previous decade.
Wealth was very evenly distributed across all sectors of the American public.
The majority of the nation’s wealth was held by a small percentage of the population.
Increased international trade.
Falling wages.
Demand for expensive items like cars and appliances began to dry up causing factories to lay off unneeded laborers.
They sought to collect a bonus in exchange for remaining enlisted in the army.
They were demanding that the bonus they were promised for their service in World War I be paid early.
They wanted to increase the size of the United States military.
To come up with progressive solutions to the problems of the Great Depression
To improve medical advancements in neuroscience and help cure his paralysis
To weed out disloyal political associates
Roosevelt defeated Hoover in one of the largest landslides in American history.
Hoover narrowly won reelection.
Roosevelt won the presidency but lost the popular vote.
He closed all American banks for four days to allow for the implementation of reviews and new policies.
He passed new regulations that increased federal oversight over the banks.
All of the above.
They were New Deal programs that put Americans to work improving American infrastructure and public buildings.
They helped revitalize abandoned farms.
They did not gain enough public support to go into effect.
A total of 650,000 miles of roads were either built or repaired.
Nearly two million Americans were put to work.
all of the above

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Great Depression Quiz : Test Trivia

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