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Gilded Age & Progressive Era Quiz

Gilded Age & Progressive Era Quiz

Gilded Age & Progressive Era Quiz Test

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Quiz Questions And Answers

How was the mining boom of the late 1800s different from the mid-century California Gold Rush?

During the mining boom there was more interest in other metals besides gold and silver
By the late 1800s large mining operations dominated the industry
The mining boom occurred in many states
All of the above

How did railroad companies obtain the majority of the land rights that were needed to build the first transcontinental railroad?

The railroad companies purchased the land
The land rights were donated by wealthy land owners
The land rights were provided with land grants from the federal government

What was the purpose of the Homestead Act of 1862?

To prevent the growth of plantation-style agriculture in the South
To promote the settlement of the Great Plains by offering free land to those willing to farm it for five years
To relocate Native Americans from the Great Plains to the Southwest

Which of the following best describes the farming conditions for Great Plains farmers in the 1860s?

Profitable farming required more land and equipment than most homestead farmers had access to.
The Great Plains farmers faired about the same as farmers in the South and East.
none of the above

Which of the following was a primary objective of the Dawes Act of 1887?

To return large portions of Native American land to the tribes that had once controlled it
To assimilate Native Americans into American society
To prevent Native Americans from gaining US citizenship

Despite using questionable business tactics to do so, in what way did the railroad barons’ consolidation of the United States’ railway system benefit the American people?

railroad travel for both goods and people became more direct and efficient
the costs to ship goods fell to all-time lows
transportation for passengers on Pullman sleeping cars became affordable for even the poorest Americans

How was Andrew Carnegie’s Carnegie Steel Company able to dominate the United States’ steel industry?

Carnegie took advantage of a new steelmaking process that was both cheaper and more efficient.
Carnegie secured lucrative contracts with the nation’s largest railroads.
all of the above

What was the aim of the Sherman Antitrust Act?

to protect large corporations from being harassed and penalized by the federal government
to protect American consumers from anti-competitive business activities carried out by large corporations
to limit the liability of consumers should they be injured by the actions of a large corporation

How did the federal government respond to the growing tide of nativism and racism targeting immigrants in the late 1800s and early 1900s?

The federal government passed a series of laws protecting immigrants from unfair treatment and exclusion.
The federal government made it easier for immigrants to enter the country and access public services.
The federal government passed laws and created agreements with foreign nations limiting immigration.

What was the paradox in American society that led Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner to refer to late 1800s America as “The Gilded Age”?

All facets of American society were experiencing record levels of wealth and comfort.
America was focused on mining gold while neglecting other materials that would have had more industrial value.
American society had a powerfully wealthy exterior that was overshadowing a horrendously poverty-stricken lower class.

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