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Slavery in America Quiz

Slavery in America Quiz Test

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Abolitionist groups were formed throughout the Northern states.
Anti-slavery newspapers were established.
All of the above.
A way to transport goods between states more efficiently
America’s first subway system
A network created by abolitionists to help slaves escape to the North, where slavery was outlawed
The majority of Southern farmers relied upon slaves to run their farms.
The majority of Southern farmers did not own any slaves.
The majority of Southern farmers did not own the land they farmed.
Slave marriages held full, legal standing.
Slave marriages could prevent partners from being separated by sale.
None of the above
Slavery began to slowly fade away as the current population of slaves died off
The era of slavery was officially over in America
The slave population was maintained with the children of slaves
To prevent slave rebellion
To give slaves access to a basic education
To provide a secret means of communication for the slave owners
Nat Turner and his fellow slave rebels escaped to freedom in the North.
Nat Turner and a team of Northern abolitionists stormed the Virginia Statehouse to protest slavery in the South.
Following the violent uprising that left nearly sixty whites dead, Turner and 16 of his fellow slave rebels were caught
To legally classify runaway slaves as stolen pieces of property that had to be recovered and returned to their owners
To guarantee escaped slaves their freedom should they make it to a free state
To force slaves who had been convicted of crimes to serve long prison terms
Most Northerners sought to abide by the Act even though they disapproved of it.
States in the North unanimously repealed the Act within the first month of its passage.
Northerners generally resisted the Act by refusing to comply with it; some even organized efforts to help fugitive slave
To establish new American colonies in South America.
To create new colonies on the American frontier for free blacks.
To help free-born American blacks move to Africa.

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