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Age of Jackson & Manifest Destiny Quiz

Age of Jackson & Manifest Destiny Quiz Test

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John Quincy Adams defeated Andrew Jackson in a landslide.
Andrew Jackson got more popular and electoral votes than any other candidate, but John Quincy Adams won the presidency.
John Quincy Adams won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote.
The population of the United States had grown significantly over the course of the previous four years.
The majority of states eliminated land ownership as a requirement to be able to vote.
Free African Americans were granted the ability to vote nationwide.
Jackson respected the decision of the Supreme Court and left the Native American lands alone.
Jackson continued negotiations and reached a compromise with the Native American tribes.
Jackson disregarded the Supreme Court’s ruling and implemented the Indian Removal Act of 1830.
Jackson vehemently opposed the National Bank as a tool of the wealthy; he vetoed a renewal of the bank’s charter in 1836
Jackson saw the National Bank as a necessary component of strengthening the national economy.
Jackson took over control of the National Bank and strengthened its role in the federal government.
Jackson agreed to the demands of South Carolina, repealing the tariffs.
Jackson allowed South Carolina to secede from the United States.
Jackson got Congressional authorization for the use of military force to enforce the tariff.
In the new system, every American had a voice in selecting presidential nominees.
The process went from a small caucus meeting of party leaders to a national meeting of a party’s delegates.
The move made room for new and exciting political parties.
To eliminate Native American tribes from all the lands controlled by the federal government
To remove all European colonies from the Western Hemisphere
To expand the United States until it stretched from coast to coast.
Both the United States and Britain claimed rights to the territory.
There was an intense debate over the legality of slavery in the new territory.
There was turmoil within the Congress about how much new territory should be added the United States.
Santa Anna’s army easily defeated the weak American force.
Santa Anna’s forces fell to the much smaller American forces which were defending the Alamo mission.
It took Santa Anna’s army nearly two weeks to defeat a much smaller American force.
Davy Crockett
Sam Houston
Stephen Austin

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Age of Jackson & Manifest Destiny Quiz : Test Trivia

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