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Industrial Revolution & Age of Expansion Quiz

Industrial Revolution & Age of Expansion Quiz

Industrial Revolution & Age of Expansion Quiz Test

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Why did President James Madison ask Congress for a declaration of war against the British in 1812?

He wanted to expand American interests on the European continent.
He was carrying out policies put in place during the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson.
He wanted to capture Canadian territory and fight back against naval harassment from the British Empire.

What position did Native American tribes take in the War of 1812?

Most Native American tribes supported the American war effort.
Most Native American tribes remained neutral, viewing the conflict as a European issue.
Most Native American tribes supported the British Empire during the conflict.

What was the result of the War of 1812?

A decisive victory for the United States
A decisive victory for the British Empire
A stalemate

What region of the United States saw the largest economic growth as a result of the Industrial Revolution?

The Mid-Atlantic states
New England
The western frontier

Which of the following best describes the economic system of the United States:


What was the key benefit of Eli Whitney’s cotton gin?

The machine turned cotton into thread faster than traditional mills could at the time.
The machine was lighter and more portable than other similar machines.
The machine was fifty times more efficient at cleaning cotton than a single laborer working by hand.

Where did the majority of the ideas for the technological advancements in the Industrial Revolution come from?

Benjamin Franklin
British factories
French inventors

How did the Industrial Revolution affect settlement patterns in the United States?

More people sought to escape the noise and smoky air of the cities and moved to small farming communities on the frontie
Most people migrated south to take advantage of the plantation boom brought about by the cotton gin.
People flocked to cities for the unique economic and cultural opportunities they provided.

Which American inventor built the first commercially successful steamboat in 1807?

Thomas Edison
Robert Fulton
Cyrus McCormick

Why was Congress was so eager to approve the construction of the National Road in 1806?

The road would provide a way to bring produce and supplies to and from frontier farms, strengthening the American econom
The road would be a crucial way to move land troops and military supplies within America’s borders.
All of the above.

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Industrial Revolution & Age of Expansion Quiz : Test Trivia

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