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Jeffersonian Era Quiz

Jeffersonian Era Quiz Test

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It abolished the Electoral College.
It put a limit on the number of terms someone could be president.
It changed the way vice presidents were elected.
Jefferson added to the national debt by increasing government spending.
Jefferson reduced the nation debt by reducing the number of military personnel and other federal employees.
Jefferson reduced the national debt by increasing taxation on US citizens.
It established the principle of judicial review.
It made James Madison the chief justice of the Supreme Court.
It affirmed that federal laws have supremacy over state laws.
The United States purchased a small plot of land at the mouth the Mississippi River from French settlers.
Thomas Jefferson negotiated to purchase the Louisiana Territory from the French but was blocked by Congress.
The United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from the French for $15 million.
Napoleon wanted to build a friendly relationship with the United States and President Jefferson.
Napoleon was luring America into a trap.
Napoleon failed to put down a slave revolution in Haiti and was likely facing a war with Great Britain.
To make contact and establish relations with the Native Americans living in the Louisiana Territory.
To survey the land America acquired in the Louisiana Purchase.
All of the above
Pike was forced to return from his journey before achieving his given objectives due to a supply shortage.
Pike met up with Lewis and Clark and helped them complete their journey towards the Pacific Ocean.
Pike was captured by the Spanish who feared he was acting as a spy.
The United States prospered from trade with the British and French.
The United States saw an increase in trade with Britain, but refrained from trading with France.
The United States saw an increase in trade with France, but refrained from trading with the British.
Jefferson was reelected in a landslide over Federalist Charles Pinckney.
Jefferson ran unopposed and was reelected president by default.
Jefferson lost the election, but refused to give up his position.

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Jeffersonian Era Quiz : Test Trivia

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