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Early Nation quiz

Early Nation quiz

Early Nation quiz Test

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Federalists wanted independence from Britain, but Anti-Federalists wanted to remain as British colonies.
Anti-Federalists wanted a weak national government and strong state governments, but Federalists wanted to opposite.
Anti-Federalists wanted independence from Britain, but Federalists wanted to remain as British colonies.
He supplied the French rebels with weapons, but decided not to commit American soldiers to the conflict.
He couldn’t spare money or supplies for the French rebels, but he did commit American soldiers to the conflict.
He decided to remain neutral in the conflict.
The federal government’s power was greatly increased under the Constitution.
The federal government was weakened under the Constitution.
State governments were given more power under the Constitution.
The American public elected George Washington in a landslide victory.
George Washington was elected unanimously by the Electoral College.
George Washington narrowly defeated John Adams to become the first President.
Hamilton threatened to withhold future federal funds from states that did not go along with his repayment plan.
States that did not support his plan would be considered outside the realm of American military protection.
Hamilton agreed to move the nation’s capital into the South.
A national bank would enable the government to issue loans to struggling Americans.
The United States would lose business to the banks of other nations if they did not create one of their own.
A national bank was necessary in order to stabilize and improve the nation's credit.
President George Washington asserted the Presidency's powers to enforce federal law, by force when necessary.
The whiskey tax was repealed.
Western Pennsylvania began the process of creating a new government independent of the United States.

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