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American Colonial Era

American Colonial Era

American Colonial Era Quiz Test

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To create a naval base for the British Empire to use in defense of its colonies
To allow himself, and others like him, the opportunity to escape debts
To create a safe haven for Catholics who were being persecuted in England
Religious freedom
The creation of a free and independent land
Profit for European investors
It was a system where settlers in the colony were granted the freedom to create their own local governments.
It was a system used to choose leadership in the Jamestown colony.
It was a system that guaranteed 50 acres of land for every colonist who paid for their own transport to the colony.
Religious freedom
To spread Christianity to native peoples
Profit for European investors
To serve as a written set of rules the Plymouth colonists agreed to follow
To inform officials in England that the Mayflower had arrived safely in the New World
To set up trading networks with other British colonies in the New World
The Pilgrims brought a surplus of supplies on their journey to the colony, which sustained them for many years.
The pilgrims received support from the Wampanoag people.
The pilgrims received support from the King of England.

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American Colonial Era : Test Trivia

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