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Age of Exploration quiz

Age of Exploration quiz

Age of Exploration quiz Test

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which of the following people reached North America first?

The Spanish
The British
The Vikings

Which of the following is the primary reason that European rulers became interested in trans-Atlantic exploration beginning in the 15th century?

They were curious about whether or not the world was round.
They were seeking an oversea trade route to Asia.
They wanted to become allies with Western Hemisphere natives.

Which of the following played a key role in the European Age of Exploration that emerged in the 15th and 16th centuries?

Advancements in sea-faring technology
New lands with the possibility for European expansion
All of the above

Christopher Columbus sailed for the New World on behalf of which European country?


What was the goal of Columbus’s second voyage to the New World?

To establish permanent colonies in the New World
To convert natives to Christianity
All of the above

Which of the following is true about the Treaty of Tordesillas?

It established peace between the Spanish in North America and their neighboring native cultures.
It was created to avoid conflicts between Catholic Church and the Church of England.
It created a boundary line to divide the land discovered in the New World between Spain and Portugal.

Which of the following was an advantage for the Spanish conquistadors in their efforts to defeat larger native armies in Central and South America?

Superior weaponry
The use of horses
All of the above

Which of the following European explorers was the first to complete an eastern all-sea route to Asia?

Christopher Columbus
Marco Polo
Vasco da Gama

Who was the first European explorer to discover the Pacific Ocean?

Vasco Núñez de Balboa
Hernán Cortés
Marco Polo

__ was the first Spaniard to land on the mainland of North America. His 1513 expedition sought to find gold as well as the fabled Fountain of Youth in the land now known as Florida

Christopher Columbus
Marco Polo
Juan Ponce de León

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Age of Exploration quiz : Test Trivia

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