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How strong is your friendship?

How strong is your friendship?
There are lots of friends and friend's of friend,some of them are good friend,brst friends &BFFS.So here we will check it out. How strong is your friendship? test
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Quiz Questions And Answers

Hours ago
Days ago
Yes,Most of the time
No,we don't like nightouts
Not with friend.But with Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Yes I know everything
He/She eats Every things whatever it is.But it should be free
Last Few eyers
5 years
From College/Work
Since Childhood
Most of the thing every time.
When we meets
When You got time
As earlyt as possible
Of cause
Few Secrets,In which i am involved
No,I am not intrested
Every single thing i know about my best friend
My partner in crime
Can't live without you buddy
I wish, Iam with you right now
Such an idiot
Give my money back
Making you fool
Not Brushing the teeth/chewing the nails
Not returning the money
Making Fantasies all the time
The Exact timming
yes I wish very first time
All the year,month ,day even the time too.
I know But i wish too late
A Huge yes and call more of his friend to fight
No,Run away
Yes,But He/She Compromise the situation He/She Don't like fight
Watch Movies
Have Late Nights
May be
I was But now He/She is in a relationship

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