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Football Position Quiz: What Football Position should I Play?

Football Position Quiz: What Football Position should I Play?

What football position should I play ? Football quiz for fun, football player quiz, if you want to check your position then play this football quiz. What football position should you play?.

What Football Position should I Play?

Which non-goalie football position is best for you? I love playing in the midfield position and my secondary position which ... I'm wanting to be a striker or a goaly which is weird and the web said that I should be a defender. Wingers need to have great ball control skills and they should be able to pick out strikers accurately when they cross the ball, Tackling, catching, running, there's more to football then you know.

Football Positions

Football positions can be divided into two categories: offense and defense.


  • Quarterback (QB): Leads the offensive team, responsible for passing the ball and making decisions.
  • Running Back (RB): Runs the ball and catches passes.
  • Wide Receiver (WR): Catches passes and runs routes.
  • Tight End (TE): Combination of WR and RB, blocks and catches passes.
  • Offensive Line (OL): Protects QB and creates running lanes for RB.


  • Defensive Line (DL): Tackles the RB and pressures the QB.
  • Linebacker (LB): Defends against the run and covers receivers.
  • Cornerback (CB): Covers WR and intercept passes.
  • Safety (S): Protects against the pass and helps stop the run.

Special Teams:

  • Kicker (K): Kicks field goals and extra points.
  • Punter (P): Kicks the ball on punts.
  • Long Snapper (LS): Snaps the ball on kicks and punts.

How Do I find My Football Position: Football Positions by Personality

Signs to find the football position:


There are several physical and skill-related signs that can indicate a player's football position:


  • Quarterback (QB): Typically tall with a strong arm, good pocket presence, and the ability to read defenses.
  • Running Back (RB): Quick, agile, and able to make sudden cuts.
  • Wide Receiver (WR): Fast, athletic, with good hands and the ability to run routes effectively.
  • Tight End (TE): Big, strong, and versatile, with the ability to block and catch passes.
  • Offensive Line (OL): Large and physically strong, with good blocking techniques and footwork.


  • Defensive Line (DL): Strong and quick, with good hand techniques and the ability to generate pressure on the QB.
  • Linebacker (LB): Fast, agile, and physical, with the ability to defend against the run and cover receivers.
  • Cornerback (CB): Fast, with good agility and ball skills, able to cover WR effectively.
  • Safety (S): Fast, with good instincts and ball skills, able to defend against the pass and stop the run.

Special Teams:

  • Kicker (K): Strong leg and accurate kicking ability.
  • Punter (P): Strong leg and the ability to control the direction and distance of punts.
  • Long Snapper (LS): Accurate snap and quick release.
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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which of these games did you play as a kid? [Football position Quiz]

Hide and seek

Do you get along with your family? [Football position Quiz]

Very well
Not very good
Can't say

What type of person do you look upto? [Football position Quiz]

A superman
One who faces challenges
One who is a self made person
An athlete

You have a day off what will you do? [What football position should you play ? Quiz]

Go to a bar
Watching sports
Doing some work in House

How would you spend a week in Las Vegas? [What football position should you play ? Quiz]

Munching food

What would you rather do? [What football position should you play ? Quiz]

Get a new job

What are you usually doing at midnight? [What football position should you play ? Quiz]

At the bar
Planning my day
Deep thinking

How do you feel about working? [What football position should you play ? Quiz]

Its a pain
I hate working

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Football Position Quiz: What Football Position should I Play? : Test Trivia

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