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Labor History Quiz

Labor History Quiz

Labor History Quiz Test

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Which state Supreme Court decision, issued in 1842, held that labor unions are legal?

Commonwealth v. Hunt
West Coast Hotel v. Parrish
Commonwealth v. Pullis

What was the first national labor organization in the United States?

Knights of Labor
National Labor Union
Congress of Industrial Organizations

Which organization, supported largely by Irish miners in eastern Pennsylvania, was crushed in the 1870s?

Molly Maguires
Sinn Fein

Which industry saw a major strike in 1877 that started in West Virginia before spreading across the country?


Which 1886 event, considered the origin of May Day, began as a peaceful demonstration for an 8-hour work day, but ended in a bombing that killed 7 policemen and 4 civilians?

The Hard Hat Riot
The Haymarket Affair
Homestead Strike

What was the largest labor organization in the 1880s?

United Service Workers Union
National Labor Union
Knights of Labor

Who served as the first president of the American Federation of Labor?

John L. Lewis
Robert Lafollette
Samuel Gompers

Which 1894 event led to the creation of Labor Day as a federal holiday?

Pullman Strike
Homestead Strike
Great Railroad Strike

Which woman associated with the labor union movement was described as “the most dangerous woman in America” in 1902?

Mary Harris “Mother” Jones
Mary Ann “Mother” Bickerdyke
Rosa Luxemburg

Which labor dispute marked the first time the federal government acted as a neutral arbiter rather than an active aggressor?

Coal Strike of 1902
Railroad Strike of 1922
Steel Strike of 1959

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Labor History Quiz : Test Trivia

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