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What Is My Purpose In Life? Quiz

What Is My Purpose In Life? Quiz

Some people go through life asking what is the reason that they live or why they were sent out to accomplish in their life. Finding your identity is one of the important things to do. Play the What Is My Purpose In Life? Quiz trivia.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

You are loyal and a great listener
Your ability to find inner peace
Your versatility to adapt in every situation
To become NGO worker
Knowing that you changed the world
Knowing that you lived and loved life
Making into most influential people list
If you want to live a happy life, tie goal, not people
If you judge people, you don't have time to love them
Three things cannot be hidden sun, moon and the truth
Bradd Pitt
Kareena Kapoor
Julia Roberts
Wake up
Live deeply
Realize Non-Attachment
Can't say
No, I make my own rules and stick to it
No I am fond of intelligent people
Foster realtionship
Be close to nature
Inspire others

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What Is My Purpose In Life? Quiz : Test Trivia

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