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CEH Practice Quiz | CEH (Practical) Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) Quiz

CEH Practice Quiz | CEH (Practical) Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) Quiz

CEH Practice Quiz | CEH (Practical) Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) Quiz Test, Certified Ethical Hacker is a qualification obtained by demonstrating knowledge of assessing the security of computer systems by looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target system

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What techniques would you use to evade IDS during a Port Scan?

Use fragmented IP packets
Overload the IDS with Junk traffic to mask your scan

Which of the following is NOT part of CEH Scanning Methodology? [ CEH Practice Quiz ]

Check for Live systems
Check for Open Ports
Prepare Proxies
Social Engineering attacks

In this type of Man-in-the-Middle attack, packets and authentication tokens are captured using a sniffer. Once the relevant information is extracted, the tokens are placed back on

Token Injection Replay attacks
Shoulder surfing attack
Rainbow and Hash generation attack

In which step does Steganography fits in CEH System Hacking Cycle (SHC) [ CEH Practice Quiz ]

Step 1: Enumerate users
Step 2: Crack the password
Step 3: Escalate privileges
Step 4: Hide files

E-mail tracking is a method to monitor and spy the delivered e-mails to the intended recipient. Select a feature, which you will NOT be able to accomplish with this probe?

When the e-mail was received and read
Send destructive e-mails
GPS location and map of the recipient
Remote control the User's E-mail client application and hijack the traffic

Fred is scanning his network to ensure it is as secure as possible. Fred sends a TCP probe packet to a host with a FIN flag and he receives a RST/ACK response. What does this mean?

This response means the port he is scanning is open.
The RST/ACK response means the port Fred is scanning is disabled.
This means the port he is scanning is half open.
This means that the port he is scanning on the host is closed.

If the two numbers p and q are discovered through a _____________ process, then the private key can be derived. [ CEH Practice Quiz ]

Prime Detection
Prime Detection

Which of the following Registry location does a Trojan add entries to make it persistent on Windows 7? [ CEH Practice Quiz ]

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\System32\CurrentVersion\ Run

If an attacker's computer sends an IPID of 24333 to a zombie (Idle Scanning) computer on a closed port, what will be the response? [ CEH Practice Quiz ]

The zombie computer will respond with an IPID of 24334.
The zombie computer will respond with an IPID of 24333.
The zombie computer will notsend a response.

Why attackers use proxy servers? [ CEH Practice Quiz ]

To ensure theexploits used in the attacks always flip reverse vectors
Faster bandwidth performance and increase in attack speed
Interrupt the remote victim's network traffic and reroute the packets to attackers machine
To hide the source IP address so that anattacker can hack without any legal corollary

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CEH Practice Quiz | CEH (Practical) Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) Quiz : Test Trivia

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