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Do I Know About Planet Earth?

Lets check it out that are you aware about your planet interesting it is.there are some interesting facts. Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only astronomical object known to harbor life.
What is the real name of Earth?
Meanwhile, the name “Terra” comes from the Latin root wood “terr”, which means earth (as in dirt) or land. So I guess you could say that our planet's English name is “Earth”, while our planet's official scientific name is “Terra”.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

12 April
22 April
22 May
12 June
April 22, 1970.
April 22, 1971
May 22, 1970.
June 22, 1978
Land protection.
Forest protection.
Environmental protection.
Human protection.
Oblate spheroid
Accurate Round
6,000 years
10,000 years
52.1 Million years
4.54 Billion years
The Himalayas
The Mid ocean ridge
The Andes
The Everglades
Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Indian Ocean

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Do I Know About Planet Earth? : Test Trivia

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