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What School Subject Am I?

What School Subject Am I?

You probably had a favorite subject in school. But if you were one, which one would you be? Take this quiz to know.

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You May Get Result Of What School Subject Am I?

You are logical, calm and you don't have patience for silliness and superstition. You are organized and extremely logical.
You are logical, calm and you don't have patience for silliness and superstition. You are organized and extremely logical.
You have friendship with words and you believe that it is good to listen to the stories. They make life worth living.
You have respect for the past and want to dig into it. You are an informed citizen with a great interest in past subjects

Quiz Questions And Answers

You didn't get any sleep last night, why so?

I stayed late to complete the book
I was distracted by my partner
I was out of party

Which industry do you work for?

Art and education

It's your birthday and someone wants to give you perfect gift?

A book
New pair of running shoes

You have made a new friend and you really like her, why?

She tells great stories
She is well-informed
She is having so much fun

Which is your favorite TV show?

Doctor Who
Friday Late Night
Mad Men

What did you want to be when you were little?

Police officer
An actor

Which is the most valuable thing that you own?

Photo album

If you could meet anyone from history, who could it be?

Albert Einstein
Marie Curie
Can't pick one person

What is the worst thing to call to a child?


You are making dinner for a new date. What do you do?

Lay out all the recipie cards
Go out and figure even if I will fail
Use my Grandmas tried and tested recpies

Which movie will you pick?

The Monuments Men
Magic Mike
Planet Earth 3D

You are planning for birthday party for your best friend, what will you do?

Create a notebook of all the plans
Write a long toast for your friendship
Recreate details from childhood days

Where would you like to go on holidays?

Go to work and get things done
Spend time with family
Vacation somewhere I have never explored

When it comes to raising kids, you will

Wait till things become financially sound
Dream of all the memories
Take picture of everything

Which is your favorite book genre?

Historical Fiction

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What School Subject Am I? : Test Trivia

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