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electron shell Quiz

electron shell Quiz

electron shell Quiz Test. According to the Rutherford-Bohr model, electrons were thought to occupy fixed, circular orbits around the nucleus of an atom. The electrons with the lowest energy levels occupied the lowest orbits. Electrons with higher energy levels would occupy higher orbits.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Select a true statement regarding electron shells.

Every element on the periodic table has 4 electron shells which follow the 2,8,8,2 structure.
Electron shells are hard, protective layers which surround the nucleus.
Electron shells are areas where electrons can be found around the nucleus.

Why do most elements not have full electron shells?

So they can bond with other elements.
That's just the number they have, they can't do anything about it.
That's just the number they have, they can't do anything about it.

Which of the following is not a Shell ?


_____ shows the count of the arguments passed to the script.


Which sign considers the entire set of positional parameters as a single string?


How will you find the 99th line of a file using only tail and head command?

tail +99 file1|head -1
tail -99 file1|head -1
tail 99 file1|head 1
tail +99 file1

Print the 10th line without using tail and head command.

sed n ‘10p’ file1
print -10 file 1
sed ‘–n’ file1
sed file1

Which command is find out how long the system has been running?


Which sign shows the process id of the process that recently went into background.


Given a file find the count of lines containing word “ABC”.

grep c- "ABC" file1
grep –c “ABC” file1
grep c “ABC” file1
grep “ABC” file1

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electron shell Quiz : Test Trivia

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