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What Woman Type You Like The Most? Quiz

What Woman Type You Like The Most? Quiz

When it comes to meeting the girls, it is important to know what kind of girl you attract, take this quiz to understand. What Woman Type You Like The Most? Quiz ----------- -------- ---------- What Woman Type You Like The Most? Quiz Men feel attracted to specific types of ladies and reject others. It’s in their nature to do so. While there might be differences, as in any position, here are the varieties of women that men normally like: 1. The young woman Some men like young women. They may like the truth that this type of woman is happy, playful and serves sunshine in their regular or stressful life. However, try not to stretch. Sometimes they want you to act effective and wise. 2. The strange lady I believe all men like a bit of irregularity in a woman. They don’t remember the large doses of irregularity either! All men try to get back “the mask” of a woman, to find her secrets. 3. The sex addict Tell me a man who would not be engaged in such a woman…It’s their fundamental abilities working. This doesn’t confirm, however, that he will marry such a woman, or that he would prefer a dangerous relationship with her! 4. The Virginal Several men seem attracted to the simplicity of a woman. Particularly these days, when getting a woman of this species is kind of tough, don’t be confused if you are one. What’s more, acting shy or looking not to have a lot of sexual experience will make several men go crazy about you. 5. The action woman Yeah, they like the Lara Croft character, you recognize it already. But there’s no obligation for you to go so far. Something as easy as a bike ride, for instance, is a good way to win his love. 6. The spoiled type They like women that look damaged, or like to destroy themselves, but do not expand, because being injured has 2 features: while destroying yourself in bed at night or with a different bag and a massage is excellent, wasting all your money, or worse HIS money, on shoes is not winning anymore. 7. The confident lady There’s nothing more sensual in a man’s eyes than a woman who is sure of her features, likes her own body, recognizes what she wants and has an expert career to increase her faith. 8. The kind sweetheart Men like women to perform warmly; it is because most of them are “big kids” and they are used to being taken care of – their parents did that for a long while, in great cases. Moreover, they will typically seem for women that match their mothers. It is also correct the other way nearby, so don’t criticize them for it. 9. The diva Though they discover divas sexy, they will seldom have the courage to approach them. So, if you are the diva model, you might need to give him a sign that you are engrossed in him. Unless, you might find yourself wanted by several but alone… 10. The unconventional woman Similarly as with the young type, men like women who smile at them. Eccentric women will be marked by everybody. Not completely men think that alternative is sexy, but some do. So, if necessary for you to change, alternatives are sexy and fun!

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You May Get Result Of What Woman Type You Like The Most? Quiz

You keep attracting keepers. Keepers are what the majority of people look for, They are the ideal combination of loyalty, supportive and brave.
You keep attracting keepers. Keepers are what the majority of people look for, They are the ideal combination of loyalty, supportive and brave.
You tend to attract princess who brings the nurturing qualities and make you feel strong and needed, but there are some negatives, like they can be bit needy.
These kind of girls thrill you and you won't be able to keep a toe because she will keep you on your toes all the time.

Quiz Questions And Answers

What kind of girls are you attracted to?


How would you flirt with a girl whom you are attracted to?

Offer her friends drink

She leaves it up to you to buy the drink. What do you get her?


What's the important quality that you search?


You prefer girls with which color?

Something unconventional

What attracts you the most about woman?


How long you want her hair to be?

Mid back

How do you want your girl to dress?

I don't care

Are you a fan of tattoos on girls?

One or two
No, I hate them
I like ink

How does your friends react when they see your girl friend?

She is sweet
She is stuck up
She is down to earth

What's your idea of having fun?

Work Out

What’s the one thing you want to be able to do with your girl when you two are alone?

Deep conversation

Which is the best place to meet?

Book store

What’s the one thing a girl can do to make you want to marry her?

Get along with mom
Give me the world
Get accepted by friends

You appreciate a girl who

Play basketball

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What Woman Type You Like The Most? Quiz : Test Trivia

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